About Us

Love in Action International is a Ugandan Christian founded, faith based community development organization that empowers local churches to break the cycle of poverty by creating sustainable transformation development in the communities they serve.

Our Mission

We empower local churches to serve  the poor and vulnerable, creating sustainable transformation in their communities.


We see a day when Uganda’s most vulnerable and marginalized have life, and have it in abundance

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Thematic Areas

Our model builds on the spiritual truth that the gospel should bring about changes in the spiritual, social, and material dimensions of a community to wholistically improve the human condition. We utilize an integrated approach to cultivate community ownership of the transformations that take place. Local ownership and responsibility is necessary for the sustainable transformation of a community.

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Become a volunteer with LIA-Travel with a purpose to give hope to needy communities and change their lives through the various activities depending on the projects running that particular time,this runs for 2months twice a year.

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Love in action international Uganda is implementing a nine(9)project in kikuube district In mid western Uganda funded by EIT,EUROPEAN UNION and KIC


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