Climate Change

Uganda lies within a relatively humid equatorial climate zone with large differences in rainfall patterns across the country, rising temperatures and projected rainfall increases during dry seasons and tend to threaten key crops in the countries agricultural sector such as coffee, rice and maize .and coffee being one of Uganda’s major export this affects the production of large quantities of coffee thus affecting the economy. In addition to that 75% of Uganda’s population live in rural areas and most households report no emissions from agriculture, enteric fermentation and inefficient animal waste management systems. These challenges are generational and stamped however we shouldn’t lose hope we can change the narrative now “seeds of change can sprout from a single idea” Climate KIC. We are working out to creating sustainable solutions to add to the voice of living positive life style to protect our planet for the future generations to come and this is taking shape with our Climate KIC Climathon that is launching in Jinja City.
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